Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is an infectious disease caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox in children. Shingles is an unpleasant condition that occurs unexpectedly, usually after the age of 50, especially in people with a decreased resistance. Approximately 20% of all people develop shingles.

Signs and symptoms

  • Skin rash in specific areas of the body: the eyes, on the face, the torso or the belly
  • Shingles with red fluid-retaining blisters, which later dry out and disappear
  • Deep, burning pain. Even when the blisters have disappeared, the pain may persist.


Varicella zoster, the virus responsible for chickenpox, remains dormant in the spinal cord nerves long after a person has had chickenpox. This virus can reactivate when the immune system is compromised.

Shingles can therefore suddenly manifest after the age of 50. This usually occurs when general resistance decreases. The virus explodes from the spinal cord nerves, where it was dormant for years. The virus reactivates and moves from the nerves to the skin and there it causes a belt of painful blisters. This often occurs on the skin around the waist, comparable to a belt. Hence, the name shingles.


As soon as the blisters are visible, the diagnosis is generally established quickly due to the distinctive appearance. Until that time, the pain may be confused with pain caused by appendicitis, kidney stones, gallstones or an infection of the large intestine.

Pain treatment

Shingles results from an infection and causes severe pain. This is often a deep and burning pain that is not easy to treat. With most analgesics the dosage needs to be so high that it might cause drowsiness. Sometimes the pain is so intense that a combination of analgesics is necessary. Studies have shown that patients with shingles benefited the most from a combination of the classic analgesics pregabalin and PEA.

PEA is a 100% natural remedy. In order to get the most out of PEA, it is recommended to use PEA for at least two months. If after one month, you have the feeling that PEA is not working optimally, you can double the dosage. The use of PEA over a period of two months is a realistic evaluation period. After these two months, you can determine the follow-up treatment. After all, some patients might respond more slowly because the effects of PEA occur through the natural mechanism of the body.

The two most common PEA products on the market are PeaPure, produced by JP Russel Science Ltd, a supplement that can be ordered worldwide and PEA tablets, produced by Epitech Group S.r.l., an Italian preparation available in pharmacies in Italy and Spain, among others places.

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